Tech Deactivator


The Tech Deactivator is specially created to manage the growing anxiety over the effects of technology. With the rising fear that technology’s negative effects will outweigh the positive, this instrument helps people use technology more mindfully.



People are growing more aware of how technology strains their analog relationships, with friends and family often feeling neglected.

Often, the push to detach from technology is urged by others rather than self-imposed.


Once the domain of the spiritual set, the concept of trying to experience everything in a most present, conscious way filtering into the mainstream.

Electronic immersion has been pinpointed as a primary obstacle to becoming more mindful - it isn’t possible to live in the moment if you’re absorbed in a device.

What It Means

Help Consumers Find Balance

People will be seeking a more mindful, balanced approach to technology, to the extent that that’s realistic - whether that means putting technology aside for brief or extended periods, or relegating digital devices to a more minor role in their lives together.

Technology brands can help consumers use their products more mindfully and ultimately design this functionality into the product.

Create Tech-Free Times or Spaces

Consumers will appreciate getting a break from the glowing screen and audio alerts of other people devices.

Brands can help pull people away from their technology, whether for a brief or extended period.

What’s Next

Making Digital Time More Meaningful

With greater awareness that so much of our time is spent mindlessly (swiping through profiles, checking status updates, playing games), there will be greater emphasis on refocusing that digital engagement. Meaningful posts and considered sharing will be emphasized on social media platforms.

De-stressing Tech

The next wave of technology will focus on mitigating the effects of the last wave, helping people take stock of their tech use, live more mindfully, de-stress and find space to think and meditate.