Presenting Shevolution

Queen Trumps King

Presenting Women 2.0. With breakthroughs in gender dynamics in the home, the workplace and culture, gender equality is becoming more and more achievable for women. Many in the youngest generations are even blurring traditional gender distinctions altogether.


Delaying Marriage and Greater Reproductive Freedom

American women who are married by age 30 earn an average of $18,000 less than those who marry later.

Changing Definitions of Masculinity

Men in more countries are devoting more time to child care and housework.

More Female Role Models

While women dominate senior political roles, CEO roles and corporate boards, there are arguably many more powerful women and inspiring role models around the world, like 3-year German Chancellor Angela Merkel, teenage Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

What It Means

Steer Clear of Stereotypes. Back up Messaging with Substance.

Women are coming to expect a true understanding of their needs, rather than the cliche pink coating over products, services and messages directed to them. Brands that empower women must offer more than lip service.

Include Men

Men will need an increasingly want to play a significant role in women’s progress. #HeForShe

What’s Next

Redefine Success

It’s becoming clearer that women tend to define success, power, achievement differently from men, usually horizontally, like influence among other women, rather than vertically, like title.

Next Generation Athenas

Girls growing up in today’s atmosphere of empowerment will have the tools, mindset and networks to push change further and faster than previous generations. Be ready to foster them to remain competitive.