Privacy Forcefield

Going Private in Public

It’s getting difficult to maintain a vibrant digital identity without compromising privacy. Activate the Privacy Forcefield to help secure the safety of your virtual anonymity in this age of “data economy”.



People have come to understand how much information governments collect on their citizens and how much consumer data governments and companies can access from tech companies.


Social media users have grown sophisticated, actively managing both what they choose to share and what others share about them, Millenials and Gen Z in particular. But many have come to realize that despite of their best efforts, control of their online privacy is out of their hands, thanks to tag-happy, share-happy friends.


It’s becoming clear that few institutions and individuals are immune to today’s highly savvy, determined hackers, who are exposing an array of information assumed to be secure and private.

What It Means

Help Consumers Control Their Privacy

As people question why they have accepted loss of privacy as the cost of operating in the digital world, brands can empower consumers by providing tools that enable privacy controls.

Encourage Free (and Secure) Expression

Social media is a unique outlet for self-expression and sharing, one that may wither somewhat if people get too concerned about having any digital footprint or personal information that can be tracked. Brands can encourage positive self-expression while ensuring that some privacy is still protected.

What’s Next

Privacy and Security as a USP

Mobile consumers spend the majority of their phone time within apps rather than on the Web. This changes search and consumer discovery as people spend more time with mobile devices than desktop computers.

Data as a Consumer Rights Issue

Consumers will become increasingly activist when it comes to privacy issues and use of their data, demanding more control over their digital profiles, what information is tracked and how it’s leveraged.