Mobile Device as Everything Hub

Omniports are the future of mobile devices, with open connections to every utility and service you may need. More than just for communication, this product’s small screen transports you to places where you can watch video, spend, shop, learn, play and much more.



More parts of the world are getting connected to 3G and 4G networks, not only to central areas but also to remote areas.


Due to the slow growth in developing regions, handset makers have been creating cheaper, stripped-down smartphones for emerging markets, competing with domestic brands producing their own low-cost smartphones.

What It Means

Use Mobile Data to Tailor Products and Services

As people use their phone for more purposes, they’re creating a stream of data about behavior, location, preferences and so on. Marketers can analyze this information to hyper-personalize their offerings and messaging.

Cater to Impulsive, Impatient, On-Demand Consumers

Mobile Technology is helping to drive consumer expectations of instant gratification and access to goods, services, information and even people (e.g., Tinder). Mobile devices can summon what you need, where and when you need it. It also enables a seamless process that takes the place of several distinct steps. Brands must use mobile to remove friction.

Consider Mobile the First Screen

The mobile screen is beating out the TV screen in the contest for consumer attention. This shift to mobile viewing means an equivalent shift in viewer context, with more people consuming content during daily commutes or on the go.

The challenge, of course, is how to shift away from traditional TV ad to reach mobile viewers.

What’s Next

Mobile Transactions

Cash will fade as the mobile wallet comes into common use, making transactions simpler, faster and easier, whether in physical stores, restaurants, for transportation or paying friends, etc.

Contextual Education

Mobile apps and services will increasingly enable people to learn as the need arises, redefining precisely what an “education” means.